September 2010 - Eric Fares Relies on the Traynor YGM-3 to Rock the Sam Roberts Band

Eric Fares

Eric Fares has been an integral part of the Sam Roberts Band since its earliest inception. From the beginning, Traynor amps have played an important part of the multi-instrumentalist's immutable tone. Starting with truly vintage and highly sought after Traynor Studio Mate amplifiers built in the '70s, Eric has recently adopted the Traynor hand wired vintage re-issue YGM-3 as an integral part of his sound.

"I never heard anything that resembled my '73 Studio Mate for the depth that comes from a dark and rich and simultaneously bright piercing tone," says Eric as he explains his attraction to the Traynor sound.

"I took the back off the YGM 3 reissue and not only does it sound that cool but bigger and even brighter. And it's the same vibrato that sounds like a living breathing thing. This amp is amazing."

Born in Montreal and raised in Boisbriand, Quebec, Fares joined forces with schoolmates Roberts, Ivo Juretic, WJ Hall, and friend George Donoso in a band called William. The name was changed to Northstar in 1996, and although they gained some notice in independent rock circles, they couldn't break through to a national audience.

After the disbanding of Northstar in 1999, Fares helped Roberts to record the full-length and now very collectible independent debut Brother Down. In 2001, Roberts recorded and released a six-song EP, The Inhuman Condition, independently. The EP was re-released in the summer of 2002 on MapleMusic Recordings, his first single "Brother Down" became one of the biggest Canadian hits of the year, and the second single, "Don't Walk Away Eileen," followed suit in the Fall.

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