July 2010 - Traynor Amps Take to the Stage at Lilith Fair

Luke Doucet and Lilith Fair

Influential guitarist Luke Doucet is currently using a pair of handwired Traynor YGM-3 all-tube vintage guitar amps as well as the all-new Traynor DarkHorse head and cabinet during his live sets with Sarah McLachlan on the current Lilith Fair Tour.

"The Darkhorse is the perfect small rock & roll amp for me," says Luke just before hitting the stage at the Toronto stop on the tour. "The 6V6 setting is deceptively robust at 15 watts, and the 'Pure' setting (bypassing the tone circuit) sounds like your guitar is plugged straight into your ear. Very transparent for a 'Master Volume' amp, which otherwise I tend to avoid."

Given his diversity and unrelenting commitment to great tone, the decision to use a Traynor tube amps make perfect sense to Luke.

In addition to the DarkHorse, Luke uses a pair of Traynor YGM-3 Vintage Re-issue amps to augment his impressive live sound.

"The YGM-3 is the first amp I've played in years that doesn't simply emulate a classic but rather improves on a number of them" he says when asked about his choice in amplifier. "It's as if a blackface Deluxe and a Marshall cabinet had a little handwired baby...from Canada. The closed back cabinet gives the YGM-3 a beautiful bottom end that is rare in an amp of this size and wattage."

One of the most visible and creative musicians on the indie landscape, Luke has made a name for himself as a first-rate guitarist and creative force with four solo albums to date and numerous sessions with artists as diverse as Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk, Oh Susanna, Melissa McClelland, Delerium, John Bottomley, Maren Ord, Captain Tractor, Mae Moore and Major Maker. His 2008 solo release, Blood's Too Rich was voted Contemporary Album of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, before becoming one of 2008's top independent releases.

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