March 2010 - When 'The Show Must Go', Hedley relies on all Traynor backline


Hedley's Dave Rosin, Tommy Mac and Jacob Hoggard adopt Traynor amps and cabinets to deliver their core tones on their "The Show Must Go" disc and tour.

Since forming in Vancouver, B.C., Hoggard, MacDonald, Rosin and Crippin have forged an impressive track record. The band's self-titled debut featured the hit singles "Trip" and "On My Own," while the group's sophomore CD, Famous Last Words, included such chart-toppers as "Never Too Late" and "For the Nights I Can't Remember."

"It was between the summer of Grade 8 and 9 that me and a couple friends put together our first band," explains Hedley's Dave Rosin. "None of our parents had a garage so we were officially a carport band. That also meant the whole neighborhood got a free show/rehearsal four out of seven nights a week. Short on equipment, a friend of my Dad's lent us his old Traynor bass amp and cabinet. It was the bigger and louder than any of our puny little amps combined."

There's been no free ride in Hedley's steady climb to the top. Over four years, the Vancouver band has earned two multi-platinum albums and won acclaim and a devoted fan base through a constant regimen of hard work and relentless touring.

"My new Traynor YCS412VB's carry on that same tradition," says Rosin. "These cabs are punchy, direct and versatile. Nicely done Traynor… and I can't wait to get my hands on a YGM3 Guitar Mate."

Long time Traynor user Tommy MacDonald of Hedley adopts twin Traynor YBA200 heads and a combination of Traynor cabinets as the foundation for his tone.

"I have a '68 Traynor BassMaster head that gets used on ALL of my recordings," explains bassist Tommy MacDonald. " It has never let me down and sounds like a million bux! My live rig includes two YBA 200 tube bass heads, a TC810 cabinet and twin YCS412VB's. Great sound in a bulletproof package!"

Touring with Bon Jovi and Simple Plan plus dates with Nickelback has widened the band's exposure and appeal leading to the band taking three trophies at last year's MuchMusic Video Awards and 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards, including Song of the Year, Chart Topper Award and Fan's Choice Award.

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