January 2014 - Traynor Introduces Two New Small Block Bass Heads for 2014

Building on the success of the Traynor Small Block Series bass combos launched in 2013, Yorkville Sound now adds two new lightweight and ultra compact bass heads to the line.

Traynor Small Block bass heads are built for the travelling musician.

At less than 7 ½ inches (20cm) wide and weighing under 1.5lbs (680g), the SB200H is small in stature, but big on tone. Designed to withstand the rigors of the road, the SB200H is built using an all-metal chassis with front mounted handles to protect the knobs and jacks. A combination Speakon™ - ¼-inch speaker output jack ensures the SB200H is included for maximum convenience.


The 500 watt SB500H delivers massive tone from a surprisingly small and compact source. An all metal chassis, Speakon™ output, effects loop, defeatable limiter, XLR Direct output (selectable pre or post) and a master volume control ensure a full feature set despite its diminutive size.

  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight Design
  • All-Metal Chassis
  • Versatile 4-band EQ with Additional Low Frequency Expander
  • Input Gain and Master Volume Controls
  • Defeatable Limiter
  • Passive and Active Inputs
  • Selectable Pre / Post XLR DI Output
  • Effects Loop
  • Made in Canada
SB200H 200 Watt Ultra Compact Head - MSRP $349.00 US (MSRP $349.00 CDN)
SB500H 500 Watt Compact Head - MSRP $649.00 US (MSRP $549.00 CDN)


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