June 2011 - IronHorse Adds more Horse Power to the Line


Traynor introduces the 40-watt all-tube IronHorse head - the perfect solution for players needing to take the controlled sound of a 'lunchbox' amp out of the studio and on to a live stage.

Loud enough for almost any venue, the EL34 driven 40-watt all-tube design makes the IronHorse a true tone monster that delivers maximum versatility at club and concert volume.

The IronHorse uses a cascode input stage, tricking a low gain 12AU7 triode tube into running like a high gain pentode tube, increasing input sensitivity while lowering the noise floor and delivering a higher frequency response than any standard high gain pentode tube design.

The IronHorse allows the player to radically change the tone of the amp by choosing between fixed or cathode bias modes on the output tubes.

Simple and effective front panel controls include Gain, Bass, Treble and Master pots. A three stage mode switch mounted on the front panel selects clean, pure or solo tones.

The unique pure setting bypasses the tone stack making the signal path from your fingers to the speaker as short as possible.

The Companion DHX212 Cabinet

Solid plywood cabinet construction, a unique angled baffle that tilts the two Celestion 12-inch Greenback drivers inward to boost low frequency response while taming the high end and two removable back panels allowing the user to choose between open and closed back operation make the Traynor DHX212 cabinet is the ideal companion for the new IronHorse head.

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