June 2011 - YBA300 Delivers Maximum Punishment in a 300-Watt Tube Bass Head


The all-tube Traynor YBA300 300-watt bass head is the ultimate high-power head built for the working musician. Designed to deliver unmatched reliability in demanding real world heavy-use touring environments, the YBA300 is destined to be the flagship head in the Traynor bass amp line.

The YBA300 was designed from the ground up with the rigors of the road in mind. Highly effective and straightforward rear panel tube bias adjustments with clear and concise LED display ensure any player can easily fine-tune pairs of the YBA300''s power tubes without fear.

Clear LED indicators on the rear of the amp show proper tube function and status.

In rare cases where a tube may fail, the YBA300 will lock out the problem tube and its partner, allowing the amp to finish the show on the remaining active tubes. LED display clearly shows which tube needs service.

The stock YBA300 ships with twelve hand-selected and tested 6L6 power tubes, delivering a truly classic hi-fi smooth tube tone. For players looking for a more aggressive bass sound, the stock 6L6 tubes can be easily changed to any high quality EL34 tube set and be rebiased in the field, making the YBA300 essentially two amps in one versatile chassis. Simple controls make it easy to dial in virtually any bass tone.

The Traynor YBA300 is made in Canada using solid plywood cabinet construction, heavy gauge steel chassis, high quality pots and jacks and is covered by Traynor''s unmatched two-year unlimited warranty.

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