May 2017 - Yorkville Sound is Now Shipping the Traynor TVM15

January 2016 - Traynor Adds Electronic Drum Amplifier to the Line for 2016 Traynor Adds Electronic Drum Amplifier to the Line for 2016

January 2016 - Traynor Introduces the All New Ultra-Compact Acoustic Amplifier for 2016

April 2014 - Entire Traynor Small Block Bass Amp Line Now Shipping

January 2014 - Highly Coveted Traynor YBA-1Mod1 Now Shipping

January 2014 - Traynor Introduces Two New Small Block Bass Heads for 2014

January 2013 - Traynor Introduces the Small Block Bass Amp Line for 2013

January 2013 - Traynor Launches YBA1-Tribute Head to Celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2013

December 2012 - Yorkville Sound celebrates the company's 50th Anniversary in 2013

March 2012 - Sheepdogs Bassist Ryan Gullen Rocks ACC with Traynor YBA300

March 2012 - Traynor Delivers Highly Cost Effective North American Made All-Tube Combo

June 2011 - IronHorse Adds more Horse Power to the Line

June 2011 - QuarterHorse Hits the Ground Running

June 2011 - YBA300 Delivers Maximum Punishment in a 300-Watt Tube Bass Head

April 2011 - Lady Gaga Guitarist Ricky Tillo Hits the Road with Traynor

September 2010 - Tokyo Police Club's Dave Monks Hits the Road With Traynor

September 2010 - Eric Fares Relies on the Traynor YGM-3 to Rock the Sam Roberts Band

July 2010 - Traynor Amps Take to the Stage at Lilith Fair

March 2010 - When 'The Show Must Go', Hedley relies on all Traynor backline

March 2010 - DarkHorse Ultra-Compact Tube Amp Now Shipping

December 2009 - Reeves Gabrels uses Traynor Amps to Create his Visionary Guitar Tone

November 2009 - Edmonton's Stereos Hit the Road with a full Traynor Powered Backline

November 2009 - Jason McCoy Takes Traynor Amps on His Upcoming Perfect Gift Tour

October 2009 - Michael Johnston and Traynor tour with The Skydiggers and The Burns Unit

October 2009 - Bassist Rich Moore Relies on Traynor Bass Gear

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