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When the Custom Valve 40 was getting rave reviews in the all-tube combo amp market, Traynor responded to the demand by expanding the line with the addition of the 2x12" Celestion™ loaded combo Custom Valve 80 - YCV80.

Two new tone-shaping controls give players unprecedented tonal variety for nearly any vintage tube tone. A 'Scoop' switch on the lead channel adds body for much heavier leads while the 'Expander' switch on channel two equalizes certain frequencies to create crystal clear new rhythm sounds - often simulating an acoustic-like tone from an electric guitar.

A parallel effects loop with separate input and output trim pots for better overall effects control and a series effects loop (or loop through) between the tube pre-amp and tube power stage give the performer more flexibility over the signal path than found on other amplifiers.

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  • All tube construction with 4 x 5881, 3 x 12AX7A tubes
  • Dual 12" Celestion™ 70/80 speakers
  • Separate tone controls for clean and drive channels
  • 'Scoop' switch on lead channel for heavy 'boutique amp' lead sound
  • 'Expander' switch on rhythm channel for unique variations of clean tone
  • DynaSound speakers compensated XLR direct output
  • DynaSound compensated headphone output
  • Parallel effects loop with trim controls on input and output
  • Internal Speaker defeat switch for silent practice or direct recording
  • DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes for reduced hum
  • Long Accutronics reverb springs for authentic vintage sound

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