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As the desire for real tube tone continues to grow among guitarists, Yorkville responds to the demand by re-introducing Canadian-made Traynor Tube Amplifiers!

Made famous in the 60s and 70s, Traynor Tube Amps were a hit among both professional and hobby guitarists, and were known for their affordability and great tone. The Custom Valve 40, released in 2000, was the first in the next generation of new Traynor amplifiers. The YCV40 was followed shortly after by the larger, more powerful and fully featured Custom Valve 80 and Custom Valve 80Q.

Enter the all-tube Traynor Custom Valve 20

Traynor Custom Valve 20 answers the need for guitar players looking for superior sounding all-tube tone in a smaller, yet still feature loaded, lower powered, more manageable amplifier package.

The Traynor Custom Valve 20 is perfect for the studio or for any gig where 15 tube watts is more than enough power, but full functionality is required. Unlike competitive amplifiers in this class, the YCV20 offers the discriminating player two discrete footswitchable channels with true independent gain and volume controls on each. A master three band EQ, effects loop (line output) as well as an internal spring reverb are all standard equipment. Additional controls include bright switch on the clean channel and boost switch on the lead channel.

The Traynor Custom Valve 20 ensures clean quiet operation by borrowing the same DC Filament and regulated power supply design as used in its big brothers, the Custom Valve 40 and Custom Valve ''80s. The YCV20 is a 'Class A' power amplifier is driven by three 12AX7A's and two EL84's.

The internal gadgetry in this channel switching amp provides good flexibility, but makes it very easy to get a great tone. We challenge you to compare us to the competition. You will love the tone and instantly recognize the value of this amp.

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The Custom Valve series is vintage Traynor with black vinyl covering and chromeplated corners, all plywood construction, and a classic front-mounted Traynor logo. The rear mounted control panel is easy to access, yet recessed for protection... And of course they come with Yorkville's famous two-year (even if you break it!)* transferable warranty.

* Warranty valid in Canada and USA only

  • Class 'A' Cathode bias amplifier
  • DC filaments on preamp tubes eliminate hum
  • Fully regulated power supply with tube rectifier emulation
  • Long Accutronics spring reverb
  • Classic Celestion speaker
  • Wine Red leatherette finish with oatmeal grille
  • Speaker jack for silent practicing
  • D.I. Output for connections straight to the board
  • All plywood enclosure
  • Heavy gauge perforated grille with cloth cover
  • Custom design "Chicken Beak" knobs

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