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Hand built in North America; the Traynor YCS412VB is the perfect companion for any high quality tube guitar head like the Traynor YCS50H. Using a solid plywood cabinet construction to guarantee maximum tone and long-term reliability, the Traynor YCS412VB does not use any MDF or particleboard in the design. This ensures a long rattle-free life, even at the constant high volumes this cabinet is expected to produce night after night.

High quality components like the four Celestion G12-T75 speakers used in the closed back cabinet deliver maximum impact and a truly legendary tone. The G12-T75 is the best selling guitar speaker of all time, known for its remarkable versatility and ability to stay clean at monstrous volumes. The G12-T75 is seen by many as the ultimate incarnation of the original Celestion G12M guitar speaker - it is a Greenback on steroids with an emphasis on huge bass, relaxed mids and vibrant highs.

A versatile wiring scheme allows the Traynor YCS412VB to operate at 4 or 16 ohms mono, a perfect load for use with virtually any tube head, or in a 2 x 8-ohm stereo configuration for use with any stereo guitar preamp / power amp combination. Integrated all metal bar handles and removable heavy-duty casters are included.

Like all North American made Traynor products, the Traynor YCS412VB is covered by a two year unlimited warranty*.

*Two year warranty valid in Canada and United States only. Warranty in other territories may vary.

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  • Four Celestion G12-T75 12-inch drivers
  • Solid Birch cabinet construction
  • Straight baffle and cabinet to add lower end emphasis on stage
  • Bar handles, sturdy pop-out swivel casters included
  • Versatile wiring allows operation at 4 of 16-ohms mono or 2 x 8-ohm stereo configuration