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The North American made all-tube Traynor Custom Special 100 Series II is the ideal powerhouse head for anyone looking for the ultimate hard rock guitar amplifier. Built for life on the road, the solid plywood cabinet and all metal chassis deliver unmatched long-term reliability meant to survive even the most grueling tour schedule.

Driven by four hand selected and tested EL34EH power and four 12AX7A preamp tubes, the 100-watt YCS100H2 is a true three channel amplifier, built for maximum flexibility on stage. Useful pro features like independent effects and reverb level controls on every channel, separate in-line and parallel effects loops, footswitchable solo boost, a speaker compensated XLR DI output, versatile voicing switches and user selectable amplifier output modes ensure the YCS100H2 will fit perfectly in the rehearsal hall, studio and concert hall.

True Three-Channel Architecture
The YCS100H2 uses a true three-channel architecture that offers full control of each and every channel. No shared EQ's or pseudo "channels" here. Every channel on the YCS100H2 has individual gain and volume controls, a full three band EQ with boost level and its own effects return and reverb settings. Every channel has additional voicing and boost switches, increasing flexibility and widening the tone pallet.

Versatile Voicing Control
Every Channel on the YCS100H2 delivers versatile voicing options with Modern, Scoop and Boost switches to tailor the tone to any playing style. The Master Section includes an overall Master Volume, Presence and Resonance Control to further tailor the tone. The Resonance Control, when used with a high quality and responsive loudspeaker enclosure, like the Celestion Vintage30 loaded Traynor YCS412A2 (Angled cabinet) or YCS412B2 (Bottom cabinet), allows the player to dial in the exact bass response from their rig that they want to hear.

Unmatched Reliability and Tone
The Traynor YCS100H2 head, and matching YCS412 series cabinets are made using a solid plywood cabinet construction and an all-metal chassis; no MDF or particleboard is used. Hand selected EL34EH power tubes and 12AX7A preamp tubes are used exclusively in the YCS100H2. An Accutronics™ long-spring reverb is standard issue.

Selectable Amplifier Modes
Selectable amplifier modes allow the YCS100H2 to switch between a 100-watt Class-A/B mode, ideal for the live stage, or a more manageable 30-watt Class-A mode, - perfect for creating a super saturated tone in the studio.

Professional Feature Set
Professional features like separate parallel and in-line effects with independent return levels per channel, DynaSound speaker compensated XLR direct output and a heavy-duty four-button footswitch are standard on the YCS100H2. A one-touch solo boost button (with front panel level control) delivers added flexibility on stage.

*US and Canada only, other territories may vary.

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  • True 3-Channel All-Tube Design
  • Fully Independent EQ, Effect & Reverb Returns on each Channel
  • Versatile Voicing Options on all channels (Modern, Scoop, Boost & Bright)
  • Selectable Amplifier Modes: 100-Watt Class-A/B | 30-Watt Class-A
  • Hand Selected EL34EH Power & 12AX7A Preamp Tubes
  • DynaSound Speaker Compensated Headphone & XLR DI Outputs
  • Separate In-line & Parallel Effects Loops
  • Accutronics™ Long-Spring Reverb
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • All Metal Chassis
  • Heavy Duty Custom Four Button Footswitch Included
  • Made in Canada
  • Two Year Unlimited Warranty*

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