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The Traynor Custom Special YCS100H Head and complementary 4x12" cabinet just might be the ultimate half-stack head and cabinet combination. Built for the road, this true three-channel 100-watt head and 4x12" cabinet is the stuff guitar player's dreams are made of.

The Custom Special 100H's true three-channel architecture offers full control of each and every channel. No shared EQ's or pseudo "channels" here. Every channel on the YCS100H has individual gain and volume controls, a full three band EQ, boost level and its own effects return and reverb settings.

Powered by four EL34EH's the YCS100H has two power levels, a true 100-watt Class AB mode, and a more manageable 30-watt Class A configuration ideal for recording or rehearsal. Four 12AX7A's make up the all tube pre-amp stage. To ensure maximum versatility, the YCS100H has an in-line pre-amp send / power amp return for in-line effects, and a side chain effects send with individual effects return level controls for every channel.

The Traynor YCS100H's master section includes a Master Volume, Presence and Resonance controls. The unique Resonance control, when used with a high quality and responsive loudspeaker enclosure, like the Traynor YCS412, allows the player to dial in the exact bass response from their rig that they want to hear. It's easy to get any sound from a tight and punchy tone to a looser, more "vintage-tube" sound with the YCS100H. The Resonance control actually controls the damping factor of the amplifier''s output stage, and allows the player to take full advantage of the cabinet''s "tone".

An XLR direct output with speaker compensation ensures the Traynor half-stack can be easily fed to a live PA without having to mic the cabinet. The headphone output has speaker compensation and its own level control, independent of the amplifiers master volume, and can even be used when the amp is in standby mode for silent recording and practicing.

A solid plywood cabinet construction with all-metal chassis protects the YCS100H's glass epoxy circuit boards, tubes and wiring, ensuring years of road-readiness and unmatched reliability. The fourth button on the custom four-button footswitch controls an overall master lead boost level that kicks any channel up for solos, as well as instant access to any channel with a single stomp… no more tap dancing for a live sound.

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  • Selectable 100-watt / 30-watt all tube output
  • Powered by four EL34EH's and four 12AX7A's
  • Auto-matching tube circuit maintains bias balance as tubes age ensuring hum free performance throughout tube life.
  • 3 completely independant footswitchable channels
  • Master Volume, Presence and Resonance controls
  • Long Accutronics Spring Reverb with seperate level controls on all 3 channels
  • 9 different voicing switches including Scoop, Modern, Bright and Boost
  • DynaSound speaker compensated headphone and DI outputs for silent recording and practicing
  • Black Nubtex covering, all plywood cabinet construction
  • All metal grille, bar handles and corners
  • Custom 4 button footswitch for channel and Solo Boost functions included
  • Classic Traynor logo and Vintage styling "chicken beak" knobs

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