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To compliment the retro look and sound of the YBA200 is the 600-watt Traynor YBX1510 bass enclosure. The YBX1510 is loaded with a compression driver, a single 15-inch and two 10-inch speakers, custom designed by Eminence specifically for this cabinet. - Designed and tuned as a complete unit, the YBX1510 delivers more tone than any separate two-ten cabinet stacked with a single 15-inch box can provide. The YBX1510 has two separate ported chambers in its enclosure; each tuned to compliment each other while taking specific advantage of their individual component's strengths.

The YBX1510's two-ten section with the compression driver delivers clarity, definition and the majority of the bottom end, while the single 15-inch driver provides punch and low-mid presence. The compression driver has an L-pad volume control so as much or as little of the high frequency driver can be dialed in as required.

The Traynor Bass amps take their place among the vintage Traynor with the familiar black vinyl covering and black metal corners, all plywood construction, frankly, because MDF or particleboard isn't conducive to long life and a great bass tone, and a classic front-mounted Traynor logo, just like on their guitar counterparts, the Traynor Custom Valve Series. And of course they come with Yorkville's famous two-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty.*

* Warranty valid in Canada and the United States only

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  • 600 watts of power handling in an all plywood cabinet, no MDF is used
  • Custom designed Eminence 15 and 10 inch drivers mounted in two separate ported chambers for optimum bass response
  • Compression driver selected for crisp defined high frequencies
  • L-pad for compression driver to maximize control of output
  • Two year unlimited transferable warranty*