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This North American built all tube 200 watt bass head stays true to its vintage roots. The YBA200 is a fan-cooled 200-watt all-tube bass head powered by four 6550WE power tubes amplifying the two 12AX7A and one 12AU7 that make up the preamp section. In true Traynor tradition there are no semiconductors in the signal path, glass epoxy circuit boards, solid plywood box construction, solid component selection and an all-metal chassis ensure years of unmatched reliability. We're so sure of the design and of our manufacturing prowess that we cover the YBA200 with a two-year unlimited warranty.

Basic controls you'd expect to see appear on the front panel of any high end bass amp include input gain, master volume control and a three-band master EQ section. You'll also see we've added innovative new tone shaping features like Scoop, 'Range', and 'Resonance'.

The Scoop knob sweeps from a flat frequency response to a mid-frequency dip at 400 Hz and can be completely bypassed from a separate front panel on/off switch. The Range control shifts the overall tone shape and general tonal characteristics of the master EQ section of the amp.

The unique Resonance Control, when used with a high quality and responsive loudspeaker enclosure, like the Traynor YBX1510, allows the player to dial in the exact bass response from their rig that they want to hear. It's easy to get any sound from a tight and punchy tone to a looser, more 'vintage-tube' sound with the Traynor YBA200. The Resonance control actually controls the damping factor of the amplifier's output stage, and allows the player to take full advantage of the tone of the loudspeaker's acoustic performance capabilities.

The use of toroidal transformers reduces the weight of the YBA200 to less than 41 pounds, much lighter than any other all-tube high-power bass amps in this class.

The YBA200 has high and low level 1/4-inch inputs, a ¼-inch tuner output with a switchable mute function that mutes the entire rig and kills the DI output when tuning. The front panel mounted XLR D.I. output has a one-touch ground lift, a 20dB pad and is switchable pre or post EQ.

The Traynor Bass amps take their place among the vintage Traynor, with the familiar black vinyl covering and black metal corners, all plywood construction, and a classic front-mounted Traynor logo, just like on their guitar counterparts, the Traynor Custom Valve Series. And of course they come with Yorkville's famous two-year (even if you break it!)* transferable warranty

* Warranty valid in Canada and USA only

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  • 200 watts of all tube power, no semi conductors in the signal path
  • Four 6550WE power tubes, Two 12AX7A and One 12AU7 preamp tubes
  • Three band master EQ with unique Range control
  • Innovative new tone shaping features like Scoop and Resonance
  • Toroidal transformers reduces the weight to less than 41 pounds
  • 1/4" tuner output with mute switch
  • Pre/Post switchable XLR DI out with ground lift and 20db pad
  • Two year unlimited warranty