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The eight hundred watt XS800H is the highest-powered tube hybrid bass head in the BassMaster line.

What truly sets the XS800H apart from the rest of the class is its versatile input circuitry that allows the player to select between an all tube input signal path, or bypass the tube completely and use a FET driven solid-state input circuit. True tube overdrive can be added to either 'clean' signal path you choose, using an innovative balance control that allows the player to set the perfect blend of overdriven to clean signal. This ensures the player can add as much grunge or as little 'tube warmth' as needed while maintaining the definition and clarity of the clean tone. A solid-state power stage ensures ample pure clean power at the output.

Innovative tone-shaping controls like 'Scoop' and 'Bass Resonance' are standard on the XS800H as well as a compressor with user definable threshold and user defeatable output limiter. A five-band EQ, with semi-parametric mid, ensures the XS800H user can find any tone they need.

The unique variable contour Scoop function sweeps from a flat frequency response through a mid-frequency dip at 400 Hz. As you increase beyond the ½-way point on the control you begin to boost both the top and bottom end to your tone, in addition to further reducing the midrange level.

The unique Bass Resonance Control, when used with a high quality and responsive loudspeaker, like our XC808 allows the player to dial in the exact bass response from their rig that they want to hear, from a tight and punchy tone to a looser, more vintage bass sound. The Bass Resonance control actually controls the damping factor of the amplifier's output stage, and allows the player to take full advantage of the tone of a loudspeaker enclosure.

The dual fan cooling system integrated into the XS800H completely negates the need for heavier heatsinks. Well placed intake/exhaust vents allow the two cooling fans to immediately draw all extraneous heat away from the amplifier ensuring the amplifier will not overheat even under the most extreme live conditions. Highest quality fans were chosen to keep noise to an absolute minimum. The lack of heavier heatsinks used in most amplifiers allows the weight of the XS800H to be reduced to a staggering low 25lbs, virtually unheard of for a 3 rackspace (3U) 800 watt bass amplifier. It is a full 4.5lbs lighter than it''s little brother, the XS400H. A front panel tuner / mute switch is standard on the XS800H head. This mute kills the signal to the amplifier (and DI output) for tuning, and mutes the rig between sets.

Other professional features added to the XS800H include highly visible VU metering of the output signal, a front panel wet/dry control for the footswitchable tube drive, footswitchable effects return with front panel wet/dry blend control and a pre/post selectable XLR balanced DI output with ground lift. High power handling Speakon™ extension speaker cabinet outputs have been added in addition to the ¼-inch phono jacks commonly used on instrument amplifiers.

All metal chassis, quality component selection including glass epoxy circuit boards ensure long life and unmatched dependability. Like all Yorkville products, the XS800H is North American made and is covered in the United States and Canada by a two year unlimited warranty.*

*Warranty valid in Canada and the U.S. only

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  • Switchable tube/solid state (FET) input and tube overdrive (12AX7A preamp tube)
  • Footswitchable Tube Overdrive and Effects Loop
  • Innovative Wet/Dry blend on Tube Overdrive
  • Wet/Dry blend on the effects loop return
  • Five band EQ featuring a semi-parametric sweepable mid
  • Unique "Variable Contour" scoop function
  • Bass Resonance control adjusts the damping factor for either a ''loose'' or ''tight'' low end bass response
  • 12 LED highly visible VU meter allows for monitoring of output levels from across the stage
  • Pre/Post EQ selectable XLR balanced Tube DI output
  • Speakon™ and 1/4" extension cabinet outputs
  • Front panel mute switch for silent tuning with 1/4" tuner out jack
  • Switchable Limiter at the output stage

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