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The full sounding XM200C combo (15" / tweeter) combines ease of use with great sound. With 200 Watts of power and four-way active tone controls that offer simple yet effective tonal flexibility. New 'Scoop' control is more than the contour button we've used in the past.

The XM200C Scoop is a user controlled tone shift that adds additional bottom end, increased high end presence and a notch in the midrange that creates a whole new tone pallet for the bassist. Unlike the 'Contour' button we have used in the past (basically a contour on / off switch) the scoop control allows the player to control the overall depth of the effect.

Professional bass players will appreciate the fact the XLR balanced direct output is selectable pre or post EQ, and a tuner output has been added to the XM200C's front panel. An overall system mute, switchable limiter, and extension cabinet output has been added to the XM200C combo as well.

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