DynaBass 400

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Unmatched versatility is ensured by the Traynor DynaBass 400's combination of tube and solid-state topographies in the input signal path. The FET driven solid-state input circuit delivers a pristine clean tone, perfect for funk & pop styles. A simple touch of a button switches the DynaBass 400 input to a warm and responsive tube circuit, - ideal for R&B, rock, blues and country.

Built in North America and designed for maximum dependability, the DynaBass 400 1x15 combo and its 2x10 loaded cousin, the DynaBass 400T use a solid plywood cabinet construction, all metal chassis and a heavy gauge perforated metal grille to protect the high quality speaker components.

A five-band EQ with semi-parametric mid and Scoop Control ensures you can always find any tone quickly and easily. The Scoop Control sweeps from a flat frequency response through a mid-frequency dip at 400Hz, boosting both the top and bottom end while as the control moves beyond the halfway point. This simple and effective tone-shaping tool makes it easy to hit that perfect sweet spot in your sound on any stage, any night.

A footswitchable distortion / fuzz with tunable drive can be added in parallel to a core clean bass tone using the wet/dry blend on the front panel. This continuously variable control allows the perfect mix of the fuzz effect to be added to the core clean tone creating a whole new tone pallet.

A front panel tuner / mute switch kills the signal to the amplifier (and DI output) for silent tuning with the front panel mounted 1/4-inch tuner out jack. A footswitchable effects return with level control and a pre/post selectable XLR balanced DI output with ground lift ensures maximum flexibility with either combo.

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  • 400 watt 1x15 Combo
  • Hybrid Tube / Solid-State Preamp Design
  • 5-band EQ w/ sweep mid w/ additional Scoop control
  • Tunable Compression with Output Limiting
  • Footswitchable Fuzz with Wet (drive) / Dry (Clean) Blend
  • Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs w/ Limiter
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction with All Metal Chassis
  • Integrated Metal Flip Handles
  • Removable Casters
DynaBass 400