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DynaBass 200T

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The Solid State Traynor DynaBass DynaBass 200 and DynaBass 200T deliver the perfect balance between power, performance and size. Built for the working musician, these 200 watt solid state combos offer a feature set designed to be simple to use yet highly versatile.

Ideal for any playing style, these 200 watt combos easily handle any vintage or modern acoustic or electric bass with passive and active instrument level 1/4-inch inputs. Available in either 1x15 and tweeter (DynaBass 200) or 2x10-inch and tweeter (DynaBass 200T) configurations, there is truly a version perfectly suited to every player.

Manufactured in North America using solid birch plywood cabinet construction, all metal grille to fully protect the high quality speaker components, metal flip handles and corners, and an all metal chassis, the DynaBass 200 and DynaBass 200T deliver unmatched road-worthiness as well as great bass tone.

Both the DynaBass DynaBass 200 and DynaBass 200T use a versatile 4-band tone stack with Scoop Control to ensure your desired sound is right at hand. The tweeter defeat switch provides the solution to bassists seeking vintage style tone. The XLR balanced direct output can be switched pre EQ (for pure instrument tone) or post EQ to send your sound to front-of-house or recording console. A 1/4-inch headphone jack is provided for private practice.

The DynaBass 200 1x15 is a square cabinet and ships with removable casters for maximum mobility. The DynaBass 200T 2x10 is a modified wedge shaped cabinet that may either stand upright for filling a stage or tilt back for convenient personal monitoring.

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  • 4-band EQ w/ Scoop Control
  • Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs w/ Limiter
  • Solid Birch Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • All Metal Grille and Chassis
  • Integrated Metal Flip Handles
  • XLR Balanced Pre or Post D.I Output
  • Headphone Output
  • Tweeter Defeat Switch
DynaBass 200T