DNBX12 angle

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The DNBX12 uses solid plywood cabinet construction, high quality speaker components, an all-metal grille and top mounted bar handle ensuring unmatched tone and long-term reliability. Designed as the perfect companion cabinet for the Dynablock DNBH head, the high power single 12-inch woofer and 4.5-inch horn (with L-Pad) can be used to create a compact bass rig, or used with the DNB112 single 12-inch Dynablock combo to create a powerful yet manageable 2 x 12 bass stack.

  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Compact Design
  • Eminence 12-inch Woofer
  • 4.5-inch Horn with L-Pad
  • All Metal Grille and Handle
  • Perfect Companion Cabinet for Dynablock Series Head and Combos
  • Made in Canada