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The Traynor IronHorse head is the perfect amp for players who need to take the controlled sound of a low power 'lunchbox' amp out of the studio and on to a live stage. Loud enough for almost any venue, the EL34 driven 40-watt all-tube design makes the IronHorse a true tone monster that delivers maximum versatility at club and concert volume.

The unique design of the IronHorse uses a cascode input stage using a low gain 12AU7 triode tube and making it run like a high gain pentode tube. This increases input sensitivity while offering lower noise and higher frequency response than any design using a standard high gain pentode tube. This boutique design trick creates the soon to be legendary IronHorse tone.

The IronHorse allows the player to radically change the tone of the amp by choosing between fixed or cathode bias modes on the output tubes. Fixed bias mode delivers higher headroom and tighter sound, while the cathode bias mode creates more compressed saturation and a completely different distortion characteristic.

Simple controls make it easy to find the ideal guitar tone. Basic controls include Gain, Bass, Treble and Master pots and a three stage mode switch mounted on the front panel. The Mode switch selects clean pure or solo tones. The pure setting bypasses the tone stack altogether, making the signal path from your fingers to the speaker as short as possible. Solo Mode is a higher gain footswitchable variation of the Pure Tone, again bypassing the tone stack and adding unmatched edge and clarity to your lead sound.

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  • Hand Selected 12AU7 (x 1), 12AX7 (x2) and EL34 (x2) Tubes
  • 0db and -6dB Inputs
  • Selectable 4 & 8 ohm Outputs for Varying Cabinet Configurations
  • Operates in Fixed Bias or Cathode Bias Mode
  • Series Effects Loop
  • Simple Gain, Bass, Treble, Master Controls
  • Three Stage Clean/Pure/Solo Mode Switch
  • Accepts Optional Two Button foot switch:
    Switch 1 = activate Pure mode
    Switch 2 = activate Solo mode
  • All Metal Chassis
  • Made in Canada