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The Traynor DG60R offers two fully discrete footswitchable channels, an in line effects loop, 12-inch Celestion™ speaker and a digital reverb. Ideal for practice, but loud enough for most club gigs, the DG60R Series employs three-stage dynamic tube emulation circuitry and a proprietary continuously variable 'Contour' control to ensure you can dial in anything from a vintage tone the most ultra-scooped modern rock sound.

The Transconductive amplifier design used exclusively in the DynaGain series ensures the solid-state amplifier reacts like a tube amp. Scalable Output Master Volume in the DG60R acts like a power soak more than a simple Master Volume Control. It emulates tube compression and drive at the output stage allowing the DG60R to simulate low wattage tube 'tone boxes' at lower volumes, or clean high headroom output at full volume.

DynaSound speaker emulation on the headphone output, and speaker defeat switch makes the Traynor DynaGain DG60R amplifier the perfect amplifier for the practicing musician.

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  • 65-Watts
  • 12-inch Celestion Speaker
  • Discrete Footswitchable* Clean and Overdrive Channels
  • Independent Channel EQ's on Clean and Overdrive Channels
  • In-line Effects Send & Return (Preamp Out / Power Amp In)
  • Global Contour Tone Shaping Control
  • Scalable Output Master
  • 24-bit Digital Reverb
  • Auxiliary Line Input for CD or MP3 Player
  • 1/4-inch TRS Headphone Jack with DynaSound speaker emulation