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The Traynor AM50T offers outstanding amplification for acoustic guitars in a convenient, compact 50 Watt wedge format combo amplifier. Designed as the ideal micro PA for small solo acoustic gigs, the AM50T offers two discrete input channels, one tuned for the acoustic guitar with two-band EQ and a notch filter to minimize feedback, and a separate microphone / line input with its own gain control.

Designed for use as a monitor as well, the AM50T's compact wedge shape makes it an ideal for large stages when the acoustic guitar may otherwise be lost in the mix. The post EQ balanced line output can easily be used as a direct output for connection to the front-of-house console.

The North American made AM50T uses a solid plywood cabinet construction, an all metal grille under the oatmeal coloured grille cloth to protect the high quality speaker components and an all metal chassis for unmatched reliability.

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  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • Two Discrete Input Channels
  • 8-inch Woofer plus Tweeter Configuration
  • Tilt Back Cabinet Design
  • Wine Red Covering
  • All Metal Grille Under Oatmeal Grille Cloth
  • Reverb tank and level control
  • Post EQ (Pre Reverb) Line Output