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The North American built Traynor K4 is an advanced, extremely versatile stereo keyboard amplifier capable of delivering an extremely wide and varied tone pallet. The flagship keyboard amplifier in the line, the K4 uses three separate integrated amplifiers to deliver true stereo separation of the mid and high frequencies with the added bottom end of a mono-summed 200-watt 12-inch woofer. This variation of the 2.1 speaker configuration allows a stereo image to be felt on stage, inspiring the player with full stereo feel from a single 300 watt combo amplifier.

A single 200 watt 12-inch woofer delivers solid low end while a pair of 50 watt amplifiers drive pairs of 4.5-inch midrange drivers and 2.5-inch compression drivers that deliver high and mid frequency program.

Designed to be one of the most versatile amplifiers in the line Traynor line, K4 offers a choice of tube or solid-state signal path, selectable from a singe switch on the front panel. The tube circuit uses a pair of 12AX7A tubes capable of delivering warmth and to smoothness to the often-sterile sound of modern digital keyboards. When used with a small amount of drive, the tube section can create natural tube compression and recreate the subtle dynamics that can't be properly emulated by most of today's digital workstations.

A solid-state signal path can be selected; bypassing the tube circuitry altogether for those times when the cleanest signal path possible is preferred. The K4's channel one input also features a foot switchable Tube Overdrive control allowing the player to dial in any amount of tube, from subtle warm grit to a full on overdrive.

Versatile inputs allow two stereo sources to be connected to Channel One, while an additional stereo source or a microphone can be connected to Channel Two. Channel Three can handle an additional stereo keyboard or any other source including MP3 player or laptop where additional EQ control isn't required. Channels One and Two have separate 3-band EQs for tone shaping, while Channel One offers an additional 5-position voicing circuit.

A fourth post DI out stereo input channel with its own gain control can be found on the rear panel of the K4. This versatile fourth channel allows an external click track, drum monitor mix or monitor feed from the FOH or monitor console to be played through the K4 without sending that signal back through the DI outputs. This allows the K4 to act as its own powered monitor, without everything you hear on stage being part of the audience's mix.

Built for the rigors of the road, the Traynor K4 is manufactured using a solid, void-free plywood cabinet construction and an all-metal grille to protect the high quality speaker components.

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  • True Stereo Configuration in a combo amplifier format
  • 300 watts (200 watts low frequency, 2 x 50 watts mid / high frequencies)
  • 4 sets of front panel stereo inputs (three channels)
  • Post DI stereo line input with dedicated volume control (rear)
  • XLR DI Outputs (Stereo)
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
  • All metal grille & metal bar handles
  • Operates upright or as a wedge monitor