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The completely unique QuarterHorse Stompbox Amplifier is a true two-channel 25-watt guitar amplifier in an ultra-compact stompbox format.

Perfect for rehearsals, small gigs, recording and convenient practice, the QuarterHorse amp delivers a full, uncompromised feature set in a package that literally can ride to the gig in the pocket of any standard guitar case or gig bag.

Two channel design delivers clean and lead tones. Channel controls include Clean Volume, Drive Gain, Drive Treble, Drive Volume. Micro-toggle switch selects either tape delay or tremolo effects with both effects having full control. Three integrated footswitches allow quick one-touch channel select, effect bypass or reverb bypass.

Standard 1/4-inch phone jack output allows simple direct connection to any typical 8-ohm guitar cabinet. Additional 1/8th-inch output TRS headphone jack doubles as stereo line out for recording or private practice.

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  • 25 watt, Two-Channel guitar amp with effects built into a Stompbox pedal format
  • Standard 1/4-inch Input Jack
  • Standard 1/4-inch Speaker Output Jack (for 8-ohm cabinet)
  • 1/8-inch TRS Headphone Jack Output (Doubles as Line Out)
  • Simple Controls (Clean Volume, Drive Gain, Drive Treble, Drive Volume, Master Volume)
  • Selectable Tremolo or Tape Delay Effect
  • Additional Controls include Tremolo / Tape Delay toggle, Channel Footswitch, Effect Bypass Footswitch, Reverb Bypass Footswitch
  • Full Effect Controls (Depth/Repeats, Rate/Time, Reverb Level)
  • 24V, 2A External Power Supply Included

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