El Vaider MD
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When searching for a reasonably priced and powerful vintage bass cab, I discovered the YBX 1510. Within seconds of trying it out, I knew it was the cab for me. Since purchasing the YBX 1510 in 2013, I've used it exclusively for all my live shows. It sounds as crisp and punchy as anything new on the market and is far more versatile than most cabs with it's unique combination of one single 15" and 2x10" speakers. At 600 Watts, it easily fills small and medium sized venues making it perfect for DIY scene bands like mine. My experience with this legacy cab undoubtedly positions Traynor as the first and only cab I'll turn to should I ever need another in the future"

Bio: El Vaider MD plays bass guitar for the Cincinnati based garage-metal band, Scissorkick Rituals (SKR). In May 2016, SKR released their self-titled debut album recorded at John Curley's (Afghan Whigs) UltraSuede studio. SKR's sound has been described as "fun" "powerful" and "high energy" by Entertainer Magazine. SKR are part of the burgeoning local rock scene with three critically acclaimed bands, Leggy, Wussy, and Electric Citizen, all touring internationally in the UK.

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