Steve Terebecki
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Steve Terebecki is a bass player from Austin, Texas. He has been playing the bass for 21 years and has been a member of White Denim for 12 years. He's played Traynors on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, and Austin City Limits. Recently, he's been playing a Rickenbacker with his lows through a Traynor Small Block and TC1510 cab and his highs through either a late 70s Bassmate, or a TS-25. He also owns a 1970 Traynor YBA-1 and 2x15 cab that he has retired from the road but is still on many recordings.

Pictured above is Steve on Austin City Limits playing a YBA-1 into a vintage 15" cab and small block into a new 15" cab.

Future plans are to get a Traynor YCS100H2 head to power the YT-1500 cab!!

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