Sam Sumpter
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"Grip it and rip it!" That's what I say to the band before every show. Whether you grip a mic, or drum sticks or a guitar neck. Hell, even if you're just gripping a pint or a quart, let's just have a kick ass time.


My name is Sam Sumpter. I've played bass for longer than I should mention (late 80's) and yet I learn something new every time I pick up my bass. I live in West Jordan, Utah, USA. I have a wife, three kids, two dogs and a caffeinated diet soft drink addiction. I spent many years trying to be the perfect dad (after minor failure at that) I decided to join a band again and now I like to melt stages with my band, Ginger & the Gents. I hold down a full-time job as a web administrator for a large communications company and I fill my spare time working on my break dancing. Okay, okay... I made up the part about break dancing. The rest is boringly true.

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