Clarence Poirier
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After searching endlessly for "my amp," albeit playing with different bands ranging from hard rock to blues to country, the search ends with Traynor. I have been using different models of Traynor bass amps exclusively since 2008.

I have taken to calling my Traynor SB115 my "31-pound magic box". Very deep bass, but sits in the mix so nicely. In a full band setting (two guitars, keys, pedal steel and hard hitting drummer) I have the gain at about 10 o'clock and volume at 60%. With PA support, I hear myself on stage better than I ever had. I recently played a fairly decent sized club with no PA support. I kept pretty much the same settings and volume. I sensed I was getting heard out front and my wife captured a bit of video from the show on her iPhone with that tiny phone mic and I was very happy to hear the bass coming through the way I had hoped.

Based on my experience with the SB115, I bought a SB500H pretty much as soon as they were off the truck that delivered it to the store. On top of TC210 NEO and TC115 NEO cabs, the SB500H has a very focused tight tone. The clarity is amazing, yet warm sounding. String to string balance was a noticeable improvement as I'm used to having to lay back a bit when hitting my E string. I don't get that "E-string boom" with this amp. Not sure what the secret is there but I'm giving credit to SB500H since I've used other heads with my cabs and the SB500H is very unique. I LOVE it. Light weight or not, the tone of the SB series is simply awesome.