Damian Murphy
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I am a nut for sound! I was always looking for new ways to tighten, clean up, brighten, thicken and expand my sound. Over 17 years I have owned countless other top high end amps and bought countless pedals to adjust and manipulate my tone into something I could call my own. I remember when I first tried the YCS100H2 I heard something I had been searching for all that time and by far the best sounding amp I have ever played. I bought the head and cab after just 5 min of playing. I have since then sold all the other amps and now useless pedals I accumulated over the years. Because Traynor took everything I was ever looking for in an amp and made it a reality. I remember the first show I played with my Traynor I had people coming up to me afterwards and complimenting me on my tone, brightness and overall punch and asked what did I do to attain such a sound I told them "I bought a Traynor". The most reliable and versitile amps I have ever used with no limitations. I have since then purchased another Traynor amp for home use and quiet jams and I plan on buying more!

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