Chris Mintie
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Keeping it Canadian!

I started out using Traynor products since early in my guitar playing days. I migrated to other amp company's through the years, but found my way back to my Canadian roots. These days my personal setup consists of all things Traynor in a wet/dry/wet stereo setup! It consists of two matching YCS90 2x12 combos, powering two matching YCS4x12 cabs for the wet stereo part of my setup. I am also running a Traynor Ironhorse powering a Traynor YBX2x12 cab for the dry section of my setup. Amazing tone, and great dependable build quality!

Also not shown in the pic, I also have another Traynor Ironhorse through another Traynor YBX2x12, as well as a 70's Traynor YT-1500 2x15 cab, as well as a 80's Traynor 2150 2x15 cab for my bass rig.

Future plans are to get a Traynor YCS100H2 head to power the YT-1500 cab!!