Brian Musgrave
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After hearing the YBA-1 Bassmaster was based on the Fender Bassman/ Marshall JTM-45 amps and reading about Pete Traynor throwing them out the second story window to test their durability, I knew I had to try one. When I finally found a used one for sale I had to drive 20 miles to a small town to check it out. It turned out the owner was the bass player of Major Hoople''s Boarding House; a famous band in the 60''-70''s that had traveled across the country countless times with this amp.

After a little face lift for a more modern look, this has been my favorite amp. Paired up with a YT-12 2x12 cab I love it''s strong clean tone and the fact that it retains clarity when breaking up.

I recommend Traynor to anyone looking for reliability and Killer tone.