Roman Jasiczak
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I bought the Traynor YBA200-2 about 7 months ago and played it with different cabinets (Ashdown, SWR, Ampeg 8x10, Hartke...), a great tone with all cabinets, but I decided to get the matching cab to this amp. Said and done, 3 months ago I bought the TC1510 cabinet and yeah, that's it!!!

Got the same power and more "pressure" as using the amp with my Ampeg 8x10, but the Traynor TC1510 supports the tone from the YBA200-2 much better than any other box I've used with it before. It''s a team that belongs together like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill! The amp's reaction to the way you play is very dynamic, you can get a clean and warm tone or the crunched/distorted tone by playing a bit harder with plec.