Ron Eenhuis
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have used many amps over the years but I found the amp that stands above all . My YBA 200 is amazing ...Traynor artist for life


At the age of twenty Ron picked up his first bass guitar and was hooked, he began playing in a few basement parties before being recruited into the band Tempered Steel where he played and recorded original music and also learned to compose his own music. Later Ron was a founding member of bands Lash Larue, Taren Tulla, and Hollow Point. Ron played the original music scene in the Denver area making a name for himself as a solid bass player and songwriter.

In November of 2014, Ron was asked to check out the original band Johnny Got Rox, the chemistry was immediate and the song writing caught the attention of promoters landing the band gigs with national acts, such as Puddle of Mud, Vain, Black N Blue, The Iron Maidens, LA Guns, The Throbs, Tora Tora, Faster Pussycat, and Great White to name a few.The band is now receiving airplay in Australia and the U.S.A. Johnny Got Rox is building a loyal following of fans that continue to pack venues wherever they play.

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