The Discarded
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"The Discarded using nothing but Traynor amps to power their rock sound! Their superior sound and reliability has never let us down."

:: BIO ::

The Discarded the band is a three piece brash, fast garage rocking band from Orangeville Ontario. The band got together in 2016 when thirteen year old drummer, Caden Jax teamed up with his then seventeen year old brother Jared Dean. They rounded out the family affair by enlisting their veteran punk rock dad, JP on guitar and vocals.

They released their first album in February of 2017, one year after forming. That captured the raw Ramones/Cramps feel of them discovering their love of '70's punk rock.

One year later they went back into Ian Blurton's Pro Gold Studio and recorded their follow up, Manifesto" which they release in February 2018. Here they throw down the gauntlet lyrically about the world they live in and how they think it should be. All over a soundscape of blitzkerg drumming, distorted '70's punk guitar and intricate bass playing.

Those fortunate enough to see their live show have seen them deliver a high energy and tempo of the albums in a rock solid playing. They have played over fifty shows in the two years and three tours of southern Ontario. This August 2018 they are back in the studio to record their most ambitious album to date.

Part of the cornerstone of The Discarded sound has been their use of Canadian made Traynor amps.

Guitarist, JP, plays through a "Custom Special 90 Watt 2x12 Guitar All-Tube Combo Amp" and the matching 4X4 cabinet to create the full on distorted sound with the power and presence that the stack conveys.

Jared Dean plays through a 400 watt Dyno tube combo amp with two 10 inch speakers and a matching 400 watt 15" bass cabinet for his stack.

Both enjoy the reliability of the sound, the tone and power that the amps/ speakers deliver. Add to that the ruggedness of the design for touring and visually how the set up looks on stage for this power trio.

The Discarded is currently in pre-production for their next album, "Sound check and Fury". The cover and other photos will feature this setup, (drums and Traynor Amps on stage) on the cover- the picture of the band playing on stage and the back cover with their gear packed up.