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I have been using Yorkville and Traynor gear for about 15 years. When I started playing in bands as a young college kid I found a local music shop that rented Yorkville gear. I beat the hell out of this Yorkville combo amp I rented there for years and it never failed! As I got better and better I had all the gear, Hartke, Warwick, Genz Benz, Trace Elliot, SWR, Ampeg....and when I finally decided on a stack I went back to that music store, bought that old BM400 combo and a BC410 cab. I knew a kid that had a BC115 cab with a blown speaker so I bought it too, tore out the speaker from the combo and dropped it in the BC115 cab and put the BM400 head in a rack and made a full stack!

Now let me tell you, I played in funk, rock and hip hop groups for 10 years with this old setup and blew the paint off the walls with it. I've had everything happen to my Yorkville stack, beer spills, multi-flight stair drops, I've even made love on top of my BC410 cab and this stuff never fails!

I live in Hollywood CA now and play all the time to this day, and I won't part with this sweet stack because it sounds so damn nice! While all my friends were blowing up speaker cabs and twisting knobs to get a good sound, I never ever heard a bad tone come out of my Yorkville stuff.

I can't say enough about how much I love your gear. I'm representing Yorkville gear every time I record or play live in LA now because the sounds they make are so inspiring. Thank you Yorkville, you helped me be the musician I only dreamed I could be!

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