Maiden Canada
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"My YCS 100H2 is arguably the best amp I've ever played. Not only does it do everything, it does everything extremely well." - Brad Salyn, Maiden Canada


Maiden Canada are the hardest working tribute to Iron Maiden from the land of ice and snow.

Producing the authentic Maiden sound with a spirited high energy performance delivered with real passion.

Maiden Canada features an all-star line-up of seasoned professional musicians who eat, sleep, and breathe Maiden.

Playing all the songs known to generations of classic metal lovers with note for note precision, they will turn the heads of even the hardest of the hardcore fans with songs from all Maiden eras served with strict attention to detail.

From clubs to outdoor festivals, Maiden Canada always deliver stadium worthy performances and will leave you screaming for more.

If you've seen Iron Maiden live, Maiden Canada will leave you feeling like you have just seen them again.

Maiden Canada's gonna get ya, wherever you are, eh?

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