Ken Tizzard
The Watchmen
:: Quote ::

"Clean, tight and punchy with enough power for any show. When you factor in the tube pre-amp, compressor/limiter, distortion and kick ass eq section, this amp delivers everything I need."

:: Bio ::

With more than a decade and a half in the Canadian Music Scene, Ken Tizzard, through his work with The Watchmen, Thornley and now his solo material, has received numerous Juno nominations, Much Music Awards, 6 Gold and Platinum records and has had music licensed to major television shows including CSI, Fashion Television and more. As well, Ken's television appearances run the gamut from Breakfast Television to Bob Izumi's Real Fishing, through to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. From dark cabarets in Northern Russia through to the Air Canada Centre, Ken has performed in front of vast audiences in many variations sharing the stage with performers as diverse as Randy Bachman, Michael Burgess, the Toronto and the Kitchener-Waterloo symphonies.