Leigh Redfearn
In Ambush
:: Quote ::

"My YBA200-2 has been put through hell and risen from the ashes everytime. I couldn't imagine my bass rig without my YBA200-2 which is the cornerstone of my rig. Great tone, durability and flexibility. Hands down the best amp in the industry!"

:: Bio ::

When showcasing his talents Leigh Redfearn proudly uses his Traynor YBA200-2 bass head. Leigh has been playing bass guitar for the band InAmbush for a few years now. In Ambush is a Canadian rock band from Ayr, Ontario, formed in 2006 by Jeffrey Copoc, Leigh Redfearn, Adam Pett and Barry Pett. Often typed as "modern rock warriors," In Ambush prides themselves on their ability to create music inspired by 90's rock. Their music can most often be heard throughout Southern Ontario, on both local radio stations and at live various pubs and bars. Formally named Grindstone, In Ambush successfully released their first album, Seeds of Paranoia, independently in 2009. The band is currently recording their new album titled "Against the evening sky."