Reeves Gabrels
Solo Artist
:: Quote ::

"I've searched for a long time in the amplifier jungle for an all tube amp like the Traynor. I'm in love with my YCS100H2 Custom Special. The tone is unbelievable in the studio but, even better, in a live situation you discover that it has anticipated your every desire - 3 truly independent channels each with their own tone controls, voicing switches and reverb, global master volume and resonance, master solo boost, series and parallel fx loops, XLR speaker compensated recording out and tuner out and it's built like a tank.

There is nothing that it can't do... and it does it with monster tone.

:: Bio ::

Reeves Gabrels is a guitarist whose style combines the visceral energy of rock, the harmonic sophistication of jazz, the emotional honesty of blues and country, and an ear for the unusual. His compositions and improvisations defy genre and "explore sonic extremes with a great, adaptive intuition for what each song needs most." Gabrels is noted for his virtuosity, versatility, and originality. His performance, songwriting and recording credits range from "hard-hitting blues rock to 21st century electronica," to quote Guitar World's characterization of Ulysses, a solo album.

Gabrels works independently and in collaboration with musicians worldwide. He sustained a long partnership with British singer David Bowie, with whom he worked regularly from 1987 through 1999. Before and during his association with Bowie, Gabrels built an active performing and recording career in Boston, London, and New York. From 2000 to 2006 he was based in Los Angeles, and today he works from Nashville.

Gabrels first met David Bowie in 1987 during a Bowie tour for which Gabrels' then-wife, Sara Terry, worked as publicist. Gabrels later (1989-1993) joined forces with Bowie, drummer Hunt Sales, and bass player Tony Sales in the rock band Tin Machine. Later, Gabrels became an essential part of Bowie's nineties sound, most notably on Outside (1995), Earthling (1997), and hours... (1999), the latter two of which he co-produced. "Dead Man Walking," a Bowie/Gabrels song from Earthling, was nominated for a Grammy award. Gabrels and Bowie also created the soundtrack to the computer game Omikron: The Nomad Soul in 1999 for the game's French publisher. Gabrels ended his professional association with Bowie in late 1999.

Gabrels has written soundtracks for films including David Sutherland's The Farmer's Wife (Frontline, 1995) and for PBS productions, and collaborated with Public Enemy on the song "Go Cat Go" for the Spike Lee film He Got Game (soundtrack, Def Jam, 1998). He wrote the "club music" portions of the soundtrack for the video game Deus Ex.

Since 2006 Gabrels has been based in Nashville, Tennessee. He currently performs most often with drummer Jeff Brown and bass player Kevin Hornback in a trio called Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Fri3nds.