Mike Griffin
:: Quote ::

"I was always a solid state guy for fear of the fragility of Tube Amps. I had heard so much about Traynor's not only having the killer tube tone we all want so much, but also being built like a tank. So I went out and found myself a YCV80Q and never looked back. Traynor will always be my amp of choice!"

:: Bio ::

Sterling is a four man Ottawa based group that captures the essence of classic rock, while injecting their own modern tones to create a familiar, yet heavy rock sound. Sterling encompasses a diverse group of experienced musicians, but officially formed together as a band in early 2009. Sterling continues to cover everything from Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) to Billy Idol to Green Day, maintaining a diverse set list which will appeal to crowds of all ages and musical tastes. Sterling will cut away the clutter and be sure to bring the foundation of classic rock back to life!

Mike serves as the strong rhythm guitar player of Sterling as well as being the front man. After singing since as long as he can remember, Mike took a shine to the guitar before his 12th birthday and never looked back.